Jajaja Plantas Mexicanas

If you enjoy Mexican cuisine you will be bowled over by Jajaja. We had an incredible meal here, an absolute feast. We were really satisfied with all the different flavors in each dish and how they balanced each other out. Each dish had unique spices and personality which made for a real tastebud fiesta.

The Enchiladas mole, pictured above, were perfectly crunchy little wraps of pure flavor. The mole sauce was generously poured yet somehow almost not enough. Each bite was more tastier than the last. The side of Spanish rice was aromatic and went great with what little mole was left. We really cleaned up this dish.

Our Chorizo Taco

The chorizo taco was unbelievably good, we had a hard time sharing! The little bits were packed with flavor and the vegetables were vibrant and full of fresh flavor. All topped with a sour cream so rich, and a squirt of lime juice – we were speechless until we finished.

Azteca Chile Relleno

The chile relleno was plump and juicy. It was light and filling at the same time. We really enjoyed the balance of the mushroom, pepper, and tomato. The cinnamon really brought out the flavor in a way we never would have thought. Topped with queso and in a jalapeno broth, it was one of a kind.

Pomegranate y Jalapeno Cocktail

No meal is complete without a nice cocktail, and there are many to choose from at Jajaja. We had the Pomegranate y Jalapeno cocktail, which packs a kick! This flavorful drink does a good job of covering the very generous serving of mezcal, so watch out if you have more than one!

Guacamole y Chips

What Mexican meal would be complete without Guacamole? The chips were crispy and still warm, and the color was so vibrant! You could really tell the avocados they used were without compare, with a creamy flavor yet chunky texture.

Chimichurri Eggplant Torta

The presentation of the Torta was so appetizing, and it was even tastier than we could have thought. The eggplant was perfectly cooked, and paired well with the spiciness and crunchiness of the other ingredients. The sandwich would have been good by itself but there’s something to this amazing chimichurri combination that’s unmissable.


If anything, the dessert itself would have made our trip worthwhile. The churros were fried and surprisingly fluffy. We had a caramel dip and could not resist the urge to double dip. Be careful because this dessert disappeared almost instantly after it was put on the table.

Flan with Whipped Coconut

The flan was absolutely incredible. Rich, with a deep, syrupy flavor. The firmness of the flan was perfect, and the coconut whipped cream went beyond what we’ve could have dreamed of. We are excited to have it the next time we go.

This vegan Mexican restaurant might be the best Mexican restaurant in all NYC, for vegans and non-vegans alike. We certainly think so. If you’re trying to convince someone that vegan food is better, this place is a contender for conversion of the non-believers. They have two locations in Manhattan, and one in Brooklyn. This is a place which everybody needs to try.

Address: 162 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002

Closest Subway: East Broadway (F)

Opening hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 11AM–12AM
Thursday to Saturday 11AM–1AM

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