If you know someone who’s wary of vegan food, Organic Grill will change their mind. An East Village staple since 2000, this place has paved the way for other vegan eateries. It deserves a visit for their delicious burgers and sides, or if it’s your first meal, breakfast served all day.

Deep Fried Mushrooms with OG Sauce

We started with some deep fried mushrooms, and wow they were perfectly fried. A little moist on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside, with an amazing mushroom flavor that emerged out of every bite. The OG sauce is a signature of the OG grill, and a bit creamy, a bit tangy, and a lot of flavor.

Onion Rings with OG Sauce

We also had some onion rings, which are hard to come by if you’re vegan. They were so tasty! Perfectly crunchy, with a very tasty onion that was tender and coming clean off with each bite – what a triumph!

The Original OG Burger

The OG Burger was absolutely incredible. A perfect pairing of all the ingredients you could want in a burger: guacamole, tomato, onion, lettuce, cheeze, and an amazing veggie patty, all on a steamy potato dill bun. If it’s your first time we really recommend trying it. They also have a challenge where if you can eat 3 of these in ten minutes, they will give you a gift card for the value of the 3 burgers. Be sure you are really, really hungry if you try this, because these burgers are as filling as they are tasty! We are not brave enough to try this feat.

Fresh Young Coconut

It was nice to have a fresh coconut to along with the meal, it tasted great and had a the perfect level of sweetness you would expect from coconut water.


The kombucha was very yummy and fizzy. You will enjoy this drink, and not just for its health benefits. They change the flavor of the kombucha depending on the season, so you’ll be in for a treat no matter what.


The tiramisu was a nice ending to the meal. Even though we were quite satisfied, we gleefully enjoyed every bite of this. They are constantly innovating their menu, so be sure to swing by again to try their new stuff and let us know what you think!

Given that everything is organic, this place is very well priced. We look forward to coming back here for another meal.

Address: 123 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003

Closest Subway: Astor Pl (6)

Opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday 1–7PM

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