Brunch is always a good idea, especially at Peacefood Cafe! Just a few blocks south of Union Square Park is Peacefood Cafe Downtown. The second Peacefood Cafe open since 2013. The original opened in 2009 on the Upper West Side.

Unchicken and Waffles

This is the ideal place to bring vegans and non-vegans alike. Their burgers, pizzas, salads, and proteins like ‘unchicken’ have helped many friends transition to veganism since eating here. The pizzas are our favorite and we actually prefer them without cheeze!

French Toast

The french toast leaves us dreaming about it for hours after we have it, and the presentation is so appetizing. Portion sizes are great to share or eat alone if you’re hungry.


We were really impressed at the creaminess and the texture of the tiramisu. This is definitely a place to go even just for dessert. They have a beautiful display when you’re going in so be sure to catch a glimpse of your dessert options while waiting to be seated.

Roasted Japanese Pumpkin

The sandwiches and burgers are amazing. The bread is fresh baked and aromatic and really compliments the sandwich. We don’t always finish the bread on a sandwich or burger but there was barely a crumb left when we were done.


We really recommend you make time to relax and eat here. The decor is unique and classy and staff is always attentive and friendly. You’ll leaving feeling refreshed from both the food and the atmosphere.

Side of Fries

Beyond the food is a whole other world of delicious beverages. Here we always make sure to try a new beverage. They have a large section of hot and cold drinks, juices, and smoothies.

Hot Chocolate with Macadamia Milk

I had a hard time drinking the hot chocolate because I couldn’t make it last through the meal. I didn’t want to have two (but maybe I should have.)

Green Power Smoothie, 16 oz

My favorite beverage is the Green Power, it is a combination of banana, strawberries, orange juice, leaf vegetables, date, and spirulina. I am reminded of sneaking extra flintstones chewable vitamins as a child. It’s not often a drink will bring you back like that.

This is the kind of place that is worth making the time for. We have brought our friends and family many times and have always had a fantastic experience. This place shows the world a vegan lifestyle without compromise.

Address: 41 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

Closest Subway: Union Square (N/R/Q/W/4/5/6/L)

Opening hours:
Daily 10AM–10PM

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