A pleasant smell welcomes you as you enter this bright establishment. Everything feels clean and the food looks very impressive. The staff was super nice and told us about their daily offerings, answering all the questions we had.

You get a dish with a choice of one two or three mains, with a choice of grain. They cater to all sorts of food sensitivities, and did we mention everything is vegan?

Baked Ziti with Vegan Cheese

Lunch and dinner changes daily with the weekly menu on the television menus behind the serving counter. We got the curried cabbage with beans, the baked ziti, fried bananas, and the steamed veggies.

Fried Bananas

Normally I would consider steamed veggies the last thing I would write about, but at Verdure they were so amazing I could have eaten just this. The spices and the tender vegetable which somehow maintained a perfect crunch are hard to describe, but the mouth watering effect lasts long after consumption.

“Verdure” Cold Pressed Juice and Limeade

Pineapple in the chickpeas is a great surprise. We will definitely be adding more sweet in to our home cooking.

Curry Chickpeas

You can also get some of the best cold pressed juices, we recommend the Verdure, the staff recommended adding some pineapple to make a little sweeter, if you can handle it as is, it is delicious and very healthy.

They also have a juice of the day, which is offered with a nice discount. It’s a great way for regulars to try many juices without having to pay full price.

Pumpkin Soup

We wish we lived near a place like this. The tastes are varied and creative

Curried Steamed Vegetables

Address: 7804 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Closest Subway: Flatbush Avenue (2/5) then B103

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 8AM–9PM
Sunday Closed

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