This is the kind of place that is difficult to write about, because the food was so good that we need to come up with new adjectives to describe it. Scrum-didly-umptious? Amaz-tastic? At any rate the food here will make you hungry when you think about it later. Even proof-reading this article is making me hungry!

Wild Mushrooms & Muhamarra

For our mains we had the Wild Mushrooms & Muhamarra and the Green Harissa Cauliflower. Have you ever had a dream where you ate the best meal and woke up and wondered through the day if it was real? That’s what this meal was like.

Green Harissa Cauliflower
The perfect amount of carbs in my opinon

The cauliflower was fresh while feeling very nourishing and filling. It would have been a great dish on its own. We were hypnotized by the potatoes coming out at the same time so we might not be able to give it a fair judgement.

We ‘accidentally’ ordered a side of potatoes

The crunch of these home fries convinced me that the chef in the kitchen had a doctorate in potatoes. They had finest crisp on the outside yet had a perfectly soft inside, almost like some amazing mashed potatoes. If I could learn to make potatoes like this I would not be able to leave my house.


The sauce the potatoes came with is delicious but by no means is it obligatory! We really enjoyed it with the sauce and when we ran out we realized the potatoes were so perfectly spiced on their own we preferred them without sauce.

Cashew Halloumi

The Cashew Halloumi was packed full of flavor, it was something we ate delightfully in little bites. If you told me it was real cheese I would believe you, but I actually like the flavor a lot more.

Strawberry Cheesecake, with basil syrup and lavender

The cheesecake was really good and thick. It was almost like a flan. The hints of lavender filled our noses as we took increasingly teeny bites of the cake to try and make it last longer. But that didn’t help very much. We finished it quickly and it was difficult to not order another.

Cheesecake from above

We can’t wait to come back to this place and give an update. All in all the plates do run about 50% higher than our standard dinner, but the difference in price is paid back many times over in flavor and that amazing feeling of food-contentment you get all afternoon after eating here.

Address: 44 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

Closest Subway: Union Square (N/R/Q/W/4/5/6/L)

Opening hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 11AM–3:30PM & 5–10PM
Thursday to Saturday 11AM–3:30PM & 5–11PM

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